I have been making documentaries for over 20 years, mainly for the BBC but also for Channel Four, Five and Discovery and the History Channel.

The Misfit and the Matterhorn
The amazing story of Edward Whymper’s first ascent of the Matterhorn

In 1865 the British climber Edward Whymper, led a party to the summit of the the Matterhorn, one of the most striking peaks in the Alps.

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Justice – A Citizen’s Guide to the 21st Century – Mick Conefrey - Author & Film-maker
  • Channel: BBC4

Justice – A Citizen’s Guide to the 21st Century
Philosopher Michael Sandel investigates the relevance of Kant, Bentham and Aristotle to contemporary ideas of Justice

A film in which Harvard philosopher, Michael Sandel, looks at series of contemporary debates on such issues as torture, wearing the burkha and active citizenship and discusses with modern thinkers such as Peter Singer, the relevance of the the great philosophers Kant, Bentham and Aristotle.

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The Race for Everest – Mick Conefrey - Author & Film-maker
  • Channel: BBC 2, UK

The Race for Everest
The story of the Everest 1953 Expedition

How the combined effort of a team led by John Hunt put Ed Hillary and Tenzing on the summit in May 1953 just in time for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. A gripping story told by the surviving team members.

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The Ghosts of K2
An award winning film

The story of two men obsessed with one mountain: K2

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